We regret that, following recent government guidance, our Festival will not be going ahead in May.
We still hope that we will be able to reschedule but will keep you informed about that in more detail as decisions and plans are made over the next few days and weeks.
Please bear with us in the meantime.
Stay safe and positive!


FESTIVAL SYLLABUS HERE:Festival 2020 syllabus





Northampton Festival of the Performing Arts is run entirely by volunteers.

We do need more volunteers to help us.

Please can you help?

If you think you might like to help please contact Chairman or General Secretary – their contact details are on “CONTACT US”

Northampton Festival Constitution

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Northampton Festival Data Privacy Notice

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 Licensing Information

FOR INDIVIDUALS TAKING PART IN CLASSES OUT OF SCHOOL HOURS: all that’s required is the specific information listed on the form – the name, D.O.B., house number and postcode, daytime school detail.

FOR INDIVIDUALS ENTERING CLASSES SCHEDULED FROM 9:00 – 15:00 (DURING THE SCHOOL DAY)As well as the information requested on the form, parents of such entrants are required to apply in advance for their own individual license (at least 21 days in advance of the Eisteddfod). This is a free service and can be completed on-line at

FOR SCHOOLS – Any Local Authority, Academy, Free or Private school.        For this category individual names, D.O.B’s, addresses, etc. are not required!   However, the Eisteddfod must be informed of the classes and number of children taking part; in addition, and most importantly, the number of chaperones that will be accompanying them.Where an individual or small ensemble (e.g. a quartet) is being entered through a school it would be helpful to know names for these specific children so they can be listed as appropriate in the programme. N.B. Schools will need to mark registers with children’s absence from school to take part in the Eisteddfod with a “V”. Further information/clarification on licensing requirements can be obtained by contacting either the Eisteddfod or NCC’s Educational Inclusion & Partnership Team